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Engineering Sector


Engineering processes lay deep within the heart of Sebata companies and our products and services because we’ve tailored our operations to specifically meet the needs of the various stages of project life-cycles. You are welcome to familiarize yourself with our engineering solutions in a turnkey and holistic way, or as individual products and services tailored to your needs.

Like all Sebata Group companies, our offering in the engineering sector focuses on one of two areas of the project life-cycle: either its construction and development or its operational maintenance. Together they provide turnkey solutions for a variety of engineering projects but, in meeting our prerogative to deliver high quality solutions, all our products and services enjoy a compliment of optional support services that compounds the value that Sebata can deliver.

Typically this translates to project management, assessment and training services that can be activated at almost any stage within the product life cycle, even after a product has been made operational. Sebata companies help you focus on specific areas of your project holistically, thereby providing a unique opportunity to align the needs of the project to the government and ultimately the vision of your business.

We deliver value simply, clearly and consistently.

In our architecture above, Sebata Group has a range of companies that help develop and support engineering projects through a focus on:

  • Of course the engineering specialization itself to develop solutions,
  • Business support to ensure that what solutions are developed are strongly aligned to your business and its financial or operational objectives,
  • And lastly an assurance platform that ensures the continuous operational success of your project by measuring its implementation against international standards.

We place a strong emphasis on quality and live that principle by not only being quality-assessed ourselves, but qualified to teach and transfer skills at various levels within a project.

Over time we’ve gained both specialist skills and experience in a variety of industries that the above engineering model can be applied to diligently. We‘ve built and maintained projects in power, rail, transport, mining, marine, nuclear, oil and gas, water, defense and aviation, pulp and paper, large scale manufacturing and service sectors.
Explore your project in a new way!

Familiarize yourself with how Sebata Group has structured itself to optimize the value it can offer your business.

Companies involved in this area

  • Sebata Engineering
  • Sebata SHERQ Solutions
  • Sebata Institute of Consulting and Development
  • Sebata Technology Solutions
  • Sebata Academy of Excellence


Consulting, development and products

Sebata Engineering

  • EPCM: Engineering Procurement and Construction Management
  • Project management Support Services
  • Engineering and Operations Management
  • Technical resources and staffing solutions

Sebata SHERQ Solutions

  • Auditing & inspection services
  • Vendor and assessment services
  • Surveillance, Expediting and Certification Services (AIA & ISO)
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance services (QC/QA)
  • Quality performance and Procurement services
  • Environmental management
  • Health & Safety management
  • Risk management services
  • Technical resources and staffing solutions
  • Incidence investigations

Sebata Institute of Consulting and Development

  • Business Performance Solutions

    • Modelling, mapping and integration of business processes
    • Development of business architecture
    • Business consulting
    • BBBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) consulting
  • Human capital development:
    • Skills development
    • Short-courses
    • Industry and international Qualifications (ILM, SAPICS, etc)
  • Coaching and mentoring
    • Analysis of training needs
    • Organizational coaching and mentoring
    • Development and implementation of workplace coaching plan
    • Training consultation
  • Human Resources services
    • Develop workplace skills plan
    • Skills Development Facilitator Services (SDF)
    • Technical resources and staffing solutions
    • Organizational Design (OD)

Sebata Technology Solutions

  • Engineering technologies
  • Knowledge management Services
  • Management information systems
  • Business intelligence Services
  • IT Service management
  • Telecom services

Sebata Academy of Excellence

  • Corporate social investment
  • Succession planning
  • Government special projects
  • Schools of Engineering, Technology and Tourism

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