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Career Development


Career development | Our hiring process | FAQ

At Sebata, your future and your career aspiration is yours to proactively define and drive – we provide the necessary support. You collectively become part of the team that drives our success. Hence, we’re committed to attracting and retaining the right calibre of talented employees and Thought Leaders by providing a supportive environment to develop, grow and eventually leave a mark in the Industry as a subject matter expert.

Sebata Group is committed to the development of all its employees to their fullest potential. To ensure that our employees are properly equipped to become innovative and dynamic, and to make most of their human potential, we continuously help our employees with job specific skills development, leadership development, mentoring and exposure to the market as a Thought Leader.

Take the first step, search for a job and apply to Sebata today – it could change your life!

Our Hiring Process
Getting started

We post all Sebata job opportunities on this website, so we encourage you to use the handy job search tools found at the right-hand side of the screen to explore our current vacancies. If you find a position that interests you, register and apply directly online.
If you don’t find anything that interests you, please register your profile in our system. Each time a new position fitting your qualifications and requirements becomes available we’ll email you and/or send you an SMS as an invitation to apply.

From application to offer – an ongoing conversation

Each step of the hiring process is an opportunity for us to continue the dialogue you started when you applied for a position with us. So, whether your candidacy is moving on to the next step of the hiring process or not, we’ll keep you informed by email, SMS or with a phone call.

Here are the typical steps from the time you apply until you receive an offer.

  • Pre-screening – based on the examination of the information provided CV.
  • Phone interview – an opportunity for us to get to know you and clarity on information provided in the CV.
  • Face-to-face panel interview -with Human Resources and the hiring manager.
  • Call from HR – To let you know if your candidacy has been successful or not. If not successful, we’ll provide feedback.
  • Second interview (optional and depending level and seniority of the position).
  • Preliminary Offer of Employment – The candidate is given the opportunity view the offer and decline or accept.
  • References and MIE checks
  • Final offer
  • Onboarding process – to ensure you have a ‘soft landing’ and are productive from day one.

Start the conversation! Search our job vacancies and apply today!


What if there are no vacancies available that interest me?
You can submit your resumé to be registered in our Careers database and receive automatic email notices of job openings that match your skills.

Will I receive notification of where my application is in the selection process?
An acknowledgment letter is sent when you apply. Generally, you will be contacted by phone if your candidacy for a position has been retained. You will receive an email if your candidacy has not been retained. See Our hiring process for more information.

I saved the wrong version of my resumé in your system. Can I delete it?
Yes, simply follow the instructions when accessing your profile.

Why can’t I find the position I applied for in the job list?
The position may have been filled, or may be no longer part of our current requirements.

Do you accept resumés without going through the website?
No, all applications must be made online. The online process allows us to track your resumé and ensure it is in our workflow so that it can circulate easily within the organization.

I would like to refer a candidate; how can I send you their resumé?
All applications must be made online. Once the candidate has registered their profile, they may indicate that you referred them for the position.

Are all vacant positions posted online?
It is our practice to post all vacant positions, with a few rare exceptions. These exceptions could include occasions where we use talent agencies to recruit certain executive positions.

Can you tell me which recruiter is assigned to a posting?
No, we keep this information confidential to ensure the integrity of the hiring process. Rest assured that you will be contacted directly by someone in the Human Resources team should your candidacy be retained.

I forgot my password. Who do I contact?
Please use the Our hiring process form and indicate that you have forgotten your user name or password.

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