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Clarity and certainty are of the most valuable things in life and it is a prerogative of all Sebata Group staff, from the highest levels of management to the most domestic, to understand the Group’s work-ethic and philosophy as a means to empowering themselves as staff and individuals.

It is the Sebata Group’s intention to ensure that all employees are comfortable in the working environment, always empowered to perform at their best with client-centricity being of paramount importance. For this reason we have devised a Sebata Group value system which all employees are expected to uphold and abide to, and will be measured against in order to ensure our services are of the highest quality.

Far more than being a system of HR policies and procedures, the Sebata Group DNA is a complete philosophy that we’ve developed because we understand that harmony can be built from within our community if our staff all commit to a mutually agreed-upon value system. A commitment to our organizational values is tantamount to gaining the support of the whole organization, and that is the magnitude of value we would like deliver in just a single encounter with any of our staff.

We believe this model can empower our staff, and your business, with purpose and a commitment to consistent progress.

There are 3 levels to our DNA which ensure that we carry the ideas we commit to all the way to action:

  1. Self-organization: A congruency in relationships between our internally established business standards and those of our stakeholders (employees, customers, partners and the public). Our internal standards are driven by the philosophies of Ubuntu and Letsema explained below.
  2. Professional standards: Abiding to and enforcing an adherence to industry specific regulations and other professional standards which are set by individuals and/or business affiliated professional bodies, e.g. ISO, IoD, King III, CESA, etc.
  3. Legal compliance: a non-negotiable compliance to safety and legal standards in the industries Sebata operates in or with its governing bodies.

The 3 levels of the DNA represent the inside-out approach to business at Sebata, self-organization being the principles of philosophy that motivate us, the adherence to professional standards as a means to interacting in a community, and compliance being a reference to measuring that we are indeed adding value and are equipped with the feedback we need to evolve our philosophy to even greater heights.

The African value system of Botho/Ubuntu and Letsema/Ilimo

Achieving anything of worth in life depends on setting your mind upon the desired goal, which is what Botho/Ubuntu is about, and then working together with the environment and people to finally create the result you have in mind. This cooperative mindset is contained in the principles of Letsema /Ilimo and here at Sebata we have fused it with Botho/Ubuntu to inspire you to be part of a workforce that is not only productive but also focussed toward achievement because, when you are at your best, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. These values are espoused by the saying “no man is an island” and as such our family culture of matrix management and collective thinking provides the requisite variety of experience and exposure that leads our innovative thinking and thought leadership across multiple disciplines.

The 5 Business Values of the Sebata pride

Members of the Sebata family know the importance of respecting themselves. They conduct themselves in a manner that holds clients and fellow employees in the highest regard because that is the way they would like to be treated themselves. Personal and Company Professionalism helps us stand above the rest as an organization and drives our successes to date.

Consistency is highly regarded in the Sebata pride as people who can be relied upon are the cornerstones of the Letsema/Ilimo philosophy. Holding yourself and the organisation to honesty and sincerity in all affairs helps to establish a deep sense of trust in us. As the Sebata Group we strive for and ensure the highest levels of integrity amongst its corporate peers and clients that it would like to uphold as trustworthy and consistent.

Work can be challenging and, here at Sebata, we welcome the most difficult of challenges in the knowledge that meeting them can only help us grow and prosper further. A strong and positive attitude is expected of all members of the Sebata family so that we all share in the wonderful opportunities of growth present here. Excellence is a key to driving success; excellence in our delivery and conduct is at the foundation of all we do at Sebata Group.

As an aspiring global organization, the Sebata Group has embraced many cultures and encourages more than a simple civility between people. Sharing our philosophies of Ubuntu and Letsema requires that we personally become good examples of it because you can add value to the lives of others only if your ideas are of value to you. Exercising the human spirit depends on making good personal choices and a commitment to these values, and yourself, is a path to learning and building upon your successes. At Sebata Group we instill a sense of accountability and professionalism to ensure that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of people and organizations we interact with.

The Sebata Group was not built only upon consistency and dedication to its objectives. It took a team of such people to make it into the success it is today. Being surrounded by a variety of experts in several diverse fields is a basis upon which you can build your own personal success. Sebata takes pride in having access to a team of highly skilled and motivated professionalism our team.

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